Production Process

How we do it

In the production process we use quality raw materials and the highest technology

Our Plant

Where we do it

We have two large capacity plants close to the area with the highest production

Quality assurance

We care

We produce High quality Grape Juice taking care of the product at each stage of the process


Latest Technology for production

We rely on technology and best practices to produce with highest standards

Stainless steel tanks

 We elaborate with high technology

Large volume handling

We have vats for simultaneous truck unloading and optimizing harvest operation

Stainless Steel pipes

To maintain best quality and safety

High tech laboratory

We have our own laboratory to ensure a quality product at every stage

Grapes Origin

Our soil and climate unique characteristics allow the growing of grapes with a minimal use of chemical products, maximizing aromatic qualities and sugar concentration in a natural way. Harvested in their peak of maturation, grapes get into the pressing  and decanting processes. Subject to widely recognized quality standards, we perform a close monitoring of the production process, from the raw material to the manufacturing of the final product, obtaining a grape juice concentrate with no additional sugar content, no sweeteners or additives, except for the remaining sulphur dioxide.

world trade

Markets we serve

We are located in a strategic point that allows us to ship through Pacific and Atlantic

what makes us different

Our values



We transform natural grape products into a complete portfolio of certified ingredients and flavors for foods and beverages and more. And with an array of unparalleled capabilities across every part of the global food chain, we give our customers an edge in solving global challenges of today and tomorrow.



Long Term