certificates that endorse our work



Global food safety standard, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which allows us to:

• Consolidate the safety and quality of our products with an effective and updated management system,

• Meet customer requirements and position ourselves internationally

We have obtained the AA level, demonstrating our competence in HACPP, hygiene, safety, management and above all commitment to the safety of consumers and relationships with customers and suppliers.


Organic products are made with raw materials free of pesticides and chemical synthesis fertilizers.

Our organic products are certified by ECOCERT through strict inspections, and they comply with various certification programs for organic productions, depending on the end market where the product will be marketed:

• The Argentine Organic Standard and for the European Union (EU),

• The US National Organic Program (NOP-National Organic Program) and its equivalent for Canada (COR-Canadian Organic Regime)

• Japan’s organic certification standard (JAS – Japanese Agricultural Standard)


Halal is an Arabic term that means “permitted or lawful.” In general, it refers to everything that, due to its characteristics, processes and / or ingredients, is suitable as food for Muslims, according to Islamic law.

Our products are Halal certified by entities recognized worldwide in Halal certification of food products.

CDIAL of Brazil, which certifies to export to countries of the Persian Gulf mainly,

CHILE HALAL certifies for Europe, the United States and Latin America.

The Halal seal that our products have was obtained after a process of verification of the different stages of production by specialized auditors of the Muslim community, coming from both certifiers.


The Hebrew word “Kosher” means apt, suitable. Kosher products are those that are produced according to Jewish standards, and in this community their consumption is allowed since they meet the requirements of the Hebrew Bible diet.

Our plant produces kosher products, starting with the production of the raw material in our Palmira Winery; under the strict supervision of the rabbis, which includes not only the inspection of the elaboration, but also the performance of the productive tasks with their own hands.

Products are certified with the OU seal

Sustainable Supply

To keep your business nimble and to help sustain your peace of mind, we are committed to the quality assurance and global supply chain integrity that keep everything working—and moving—for you, every day.

That’s a big commitment, so how do we do it?

We do it with our industry-leading quality standards, vertical integration, and long term business cooperation.